PHP Foreach Loop and Switch statement example

This is a very simple PHP array example. We'll also look at how to create a switch statement in PHP to check the value of a variable inside our loop.

The output generated by the code below is displayed on the right.


//This is our associative array of fruit and veggies
$items = array(
'Apple' => 'Fruit', 
'Banana' => 'Fruit',
'Onion' => 'Veggie',
'Spinach' => 'Veggie',
'Peach' => 'Fruit',
'Carrot' => 'Veggie',
'Grape' => 'Fruit');

//Create an html table
echo "<table border='1' cellpadding='10'>
        <tr style='background-color: #999; color: #fff;'>
    <tbody> ";

        //We'll use a foreach loop to create our table rows
        foreach($items AS $item => $value) {

            //We'll use a switch statement to check each item type
            switch ($value) {

                //Check if item is a fruit and give the style variable a value
                case 'Fruit':
                    $style = 'style="background-color: #28a745; color: #fff;"';

                //Check if item is a veggie and give the style variable a different value
                case 'Veggie':
                    $style = 'style="background-color: #17a2b8 ; color: #fff;"';
                //We could have a default if we wanted, to apply if item is neither fruit nor veggie
                    # code...

            echo "<tr ".$style.">


        //Close the table body and the table
        echo "</tbody>



Type Item
Apple Fruit
Banana Fruit
Onion Veggie
Spinach Veggie
Peach Fruit
Carrot Veggie
Grape Fruit

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